Gray Hats Makes Software Security More Entertaining

I really like the new appealing, “gray hat” –approach in software security presentations. It is far more interesting to hear first how to hack a system and then how to avoid such an exploit, than to attempt to memorize a long security checklist. After all people are driven by motivation, and not by constraints. That is, in order to really care about security, you first have be aware of the consequences of carelessness.

Here you have a list of those “Gray hat” talks I have seen and can personally guarantee that they are entertaining (and perhaps also useful):

Presentations by Andy Malone

A Journey to the Dark Side of Social Networking:

Cybercrime: The 2013 Ultimate Survival Guide

A list of remaining presentations from Andy Malone:

Presentations by Paula Januszkiewicz

Hackers (Not) Halted

A list of other videos from Paula Januszkiewicz:

By Marcus Murray and Hasain Alshakarti

Live Demonstration: Hacker Tools You Should Know and Worry About

APTs: Cybercrime, Cyber Attacks, Warfare and Threats Exposed

A list of other videos by Markus Murray and Hasain Alshakarti: